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I have decided to sale   all types of ornamental plants in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad at whole sale rate; so at lower price on cash basis. We are sourcing plants from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh to market in Delhi ,Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad . I am a horticulturist (BHU) involve in landscape plan, design, development, maintenance, improvement of luxury farmhouses in Delhi – NCR since 1994. You may please! First visit other nurseries to know plants general market rate and then come to my nursery to save your money. We do not share plants rate on mobile as rate depends on height, canopy & plants look, so come at nursery, see plants and get rate. Our rates are valid only for a week as every week new arrival comes at new rate and it is fixed for the same week and for the same stock only.  We are offering around 200 plants type which survive in Delhi – NCR local climate & soil and are popular amongst Landscape planners and Garden owners.

If you are searching any one of the following for Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad or Noida; you are at right place -

These ares-

  1. Flowering Trees ,
  2. Flowering Shrubs- ,
  3. Flowering Cactus & Succulents ,
  4. Scented flowering plants,
  5. Foliage trees,
  6. Foliage shrubs ,
  7. Foliage Succulents,
  8. Indoor plants,
  9. Palms ,
  10. Topiary plants ,
  11. Bonsai ,
  12. Fruits ,
    1. Grass & Misc.
    2.  Shed loving plants ,
    3. Ground covers
    4. Hedge plants
    5. Low maintenance requiring plants,
    6. Saline irrigation water tolerant plants,
    7. Low quantity of irrigation water requiring plants,
    8. Outdoor plants
    9. Climbers & creepers,
    10. Round the year flowering plants,
    11. Hardy plants for roof top or for terrace garden,
    12. Plants suitable for vertical garden,
    13. Variegated plants,
    14. Potted plants.
    15. Horticulturist in Delhi,
    16. Horticulturist in Gurgaon,
    17. Horticulturist in Faridabad,
    18. Horticulturist in Noida.
    19. Plants nursery in delhi,
    20. Plants nursery in Gurgaon
    21. Plants Nursery in Faridabad,
    22. Plants Nursery in Noida.


  1. Our focused/preferred Clients Segments are following-
  2. Owner of a Farmhouse,
  3. Educational Institutions,
  4. Embassy & offices,
  5. Horticulturist of a Builders , Developers, Property Dealers.
  6. Factory & Company
  7. Clean image Contractors
  8. Kothi owners,
  9. Architects & interior decorators,
  10. Hotels , Guest houses & resorts.


  1.  Disliked clients segments –
    1. Middle man or purchasers staff who wants commission,
    2. Who seeks full or partial credit ,
    3. Who does not like to pay cartage, loading & unloading charges,
    4. Who want to give post dated Cheque,
    5. Who does not want to visit nursery site to see & select plants,
    6.  Who wants free sample,
    7. Hawkers & nursery man who waste time in arguments,
    8. Lover of Rare plants, unsuitable for Delhi or as per VASTU,
    9. One who wants exaggerated Bill.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am not a buyer or seller. I like gardening. Neither I am going to visit your nursery nor am buying any from you. ( since I live in Bhopal).
    I appreciate your effort and loved the “Disliked clients segments “.
    All the best.
    well wisher

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